PFX Shotgun Slingshot


PFX Shotgun  Slingshot

The PFX Shotgun slingshot is able to fire 40 BB in a single blast. This is ideal for shooting moving targets.

Quick One Shot Sight In The Slingshot

     The PSX85 and PSX86 has an accurate sight that needs only one or two shots to be sighted in. The sight is multi-range so that you can shoot at different distances without having to adjust the sight.

How Sight Slingshot PSX85

Step 1: Draw an initial dot on the window with an erasable marker as shown in the photo to the left.


This is your initial best guess where the slingshot will shoot when using the sight.

Steps To Sight In The Slingshot 

 Step 2: Place a target sheet or draw a large dot on a white sheet of paper 12 to 15 feet away.

How Sight Slingshot Step3

Step 3: Looking through the sight, place the sight dot on top of the target sheet dot and shoot. A hole should appear on the target sheet. If not get closer and shoot again.

How Sight Slingshot PSX85

Step 4: Hold the slingshot up a second time placing the sight dot on top of the target sheet’s dot as if to take another shot. However, instead of shooting, draw a dot on the window sight where the bullet punched the hole. This new drawn dot is the sighted in point on the sight!

How Sight Slingshot

Step 5: Once the slingshot is sighted in, stickers are provided to give a more permanent and better looking sight. To place the sticker, Attach one end of the sticker to a knife so that it may be positioned easily. Once positioned, press down on sticker. After all the stickers are placed, gently rub off the erasable marker.

The PFX Shotgun include a multi range sight to shoot at various distance and can be sighted in in a single shot.

Shotgun Slingshot
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