How It Works


slingshot PSX80

As the slingshot’s pouch moves, the laser automatically follows and points where the bullet will hit. This this takes the guess work out of shooting a slingshot make it fun and easy!


The PSX92 slingshot / slingbow shoots like a gun. The auto alignment system allows the slingshot to uses the same sights that are used on guns. Other slingshot can not work with gun sights because they don’t have the auto pivoting alignment system.


How The PSX92 Auto Alignment System Works

Auto Laser Alignment Shooting Arrows.

The auto pivot system for the PSX92 slingbow recurve works the same when shooting arrows. When an arrow is placed in the pouch instead of shot, the laser will realign itself to where the arrow is pointing. When hand that is pulling back the arrow moves either up, down, left or right the laser will follow.


This means arrows can be fired for chest or waist level which provides a more stable shot.



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