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PSX92 Laser Slingshot Features

New! 2016 PSX92 Laser Slingshot / Sling Bow Recurve

Split Pencils at 55 Ft. or Hit Cans At 100+ Ft

The second sight on the PSX92 is a multi-range see through gun sight. This sight is designed to shoot at various distances without having to adjust the sights.


This multi range sight is a must when accuracy is important. When shooting at different distances, the arrow or shot will drop depending on the distance of the target. Without a multi range sight the shooter will be estimating or guessing the amount of drop which is bad. All expensive high end compound bows or re-curve bows, use a multi-range sight.


The laser sight should be sighted in first. To sight in the multi range clear sight, turn on the laser and look through the sight. Adjust sight until the sight is aligned with the laser dot. See photo to the left.

First Time Girls Shooters Can Easily Hit Cans at 34 Feet

In the video all of the girls have never shot a slingshot before. After 5 minutes of showing them how to hold the slingshot and adjusting their sights, they were able to hit cans consistently at 34 feet.


During the video both girls fell in love with the slingshot and wanted one. So we gave them each one to take home.


Once you have shoot the PSX92 you too will fall in love with the slingshot, and never want to go back to shooting an ordinary slingshot

Laser Aim Sight

Dual Aim Sights – Laser / Multi Range Gun Sight

The PSX92 slingshot / sling bow is the easiest to use and most accurate. Simply point the laser at the target and shoot. The laser that is installed on the PSX92 is a special ultra bright red laser. This laser is so bright that can be seen outdoors during the day. If a green laser is installed the laser can clearly be seen in direct sunlight.


The laser sight has independent elevation and left/right adjustments to quickly sight in the laser. Sighting in the laser sight is just like sighting in a gun. For example if the slingshot is shooting to the left, simply adjust the laser beam to the left to correct the sight.



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Just Point The Laser On The Target & Shoot!

NEW 2016

The PSX92  slingbow recurve slingshot used a laser to accurately hit targets with incredible accuracy. It is able to shoot rocks, shot, arrows and bow fishing arrows. The is the ultimate survival weapon.


What makes the PSX92 so accurate is the auto laser alignment system that automatically pivots the laser to point to  where the shot or arrow will impact the target.


This means you could shoot at chest level or from the hip and still nail your target. Our design has both a patented and patent pending technology.  


How Accurate is the Laser Aligned to the fired arrow or shot? The PSX92 is able to split a pencil or hit the side of a playing card at 55 feet!(Using the laser sight) Check out our youtube videos.


Below are several videos demonstrating how accurate and how easy it is to shoot. Even first time shooters can beat shooters with years of practice and experience.


The New PSX92 slingbow recurves is Built Tough to take the Black Magnum slingshot bands! The slingshot’s  frame is very strong and comes with a life time warranty.

PSX92 Laser Slingshot

PSX92 Slingbow Recurve Rivals Re-Curve Archery Bows

     Taking Accuracy And Ease

The PSX92 slingbow recurve shoots arrows with incredible accuracy unlike other sling bow on the market today. The PSX92 performs like an archery recurve bow but is compact & easier to shoot especially when using the laser.

    The Laser sight is right on target whether shooting shot or arrows. This sling bow is accurate enough to hit and kill a raccoon at 100+ feet. No other slingshot can do that.


Why shoot arrows?

Arrows can be reused. Even though steel balls can be reused, they are usually lost after the first shot.

Shooting an arrow can kill a larger animal especially if a razor tip arrows are used. You are also able to bow fishing with the PSX-92.

Made In USA

Videos Of The PSX92 Laser Slingshot / Slingbow In Action 

        Shoot Arrows with Breath

Multi Range See Through Sight

Accurately Shooting Arrows at Targets 100+ Feet

Unlike any other slingbow on the market, our sling bow is deadly accurate. Other sling bows on the market don’t even come close in comparison.


When matched up against an archery re-curve bow, the PSX92 sling bow recurve beats it in ease of use, accuracy and price. Only high end competition bows can compare against it.


The PSX92 uses standard archery arrows that can be found in most sporting goods stores


     The PSX92 slingshot / sling bow can be switched between shooting arrows and steel shot in approximately 10 seconds.

PSX92 slingshot Bow Fishing

Optional Bow Fishing Mount May be Added

   The PSX92 Slingshot / slingbow has an optional mount that will allow you to mount a Zebco 808 bowfishing reel. This reel is easy to attach to the slingbow. Simply turn the 4 wingnut to release or attach the reel.

    ** To shoot fish just aim below the fish. The deeper the fish the lower you must aim **

PSX92 / PSX80 Shooting Cans As Far As 130 Feet

The PSX92 Laser Slingshot takes slingshot to a new level. Instead of year of practice to get good at shooting a slingshot the laser slingshot will get you there in a few minutes.


   With some practice you will be able to break pencils.


The PSX92 slingshot or sling bow comes with an ultra bright red laser that is bright enough to be seen in day light.


   The laser uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries that will last up to 20 hours of continuous use.

PSX92 slingshot Sling Bow Convert

For a sling bow to shoot accurate, it is critical for the arrow rest to provide a smooth passing of the arrow. The PSX92 arrow rest performs like an expensive bow whisker brisket which most recurve bows and compound bows use.


The PSX92 slingbow recurve uses crossing bands as an arrow rest to hold the arrow center to provide an incredibly smooth arrow passage. As the arrow feathers passes through, the bands expand and open up thus never harming the feathers


The elastic cross bands are covered in fabric to reduce friction.


To convert the slingshot into a slingbow simply stretch the elastic cross bands onto the posts as shown in the photograph to the left.  

Quickly Convert From Slingshot To SlingBow In Seconds

Folded PSX92 slingshot

Folds Down To A Compact Size

The PSX92 folds down to a compact size making it easy to carry in your pocket or store in you fishing box.

PSX92 In Pocket

Made In USA

Made In USA

PSX92 SlingBow Slingshot
PSX92 See Though Sight slingshot
Laser Slingshot Bow Sights

Made In USA

Adjust Laser slingshot bow Sight

Quickly and accurately adjusting the elevation is important when shooting at different distances. The PSX92 slingshot / slingbow can be adjusted in about 3 seconds.


The slingshot / slingbow has elevation marks on the laser mount as shown in the photo to the left. Simply loosen the wingnut and move the laser to the correct elevation mark.


Arrows tend to drop faster than shot therefore being able to adjust the elevation is important for archery.

Quick Laser Elevation Adjustments

PSX92 Sling bow Recurve Comparison Chart

      Feature                             PSX92 Slingshot/          Archery Recurve Bow        Slingshots     Sling bows

                                                   Slingbow Recurve


Multi Range Aim Sight                         YES                                YES                             NO                 NO


Laser Aim Sight                                   YES                                 NO                              NO                 NO


Compact Size                                      YES                                 NO                              YES               Yes


Effective Accuracy Range                120 Feet                       120 Feet                         25 Feet           25 Feet


Adjustable Aim Sight                           YES                                  YES                           NO                  NO


Shoots Rocks                                      YES                                  NO                             YES               YES


Shoots Arrows                                     YES                                 YES                             NO                 YES


Bow Fishing Option                             YES                                 YES                             NO                 Few


Average Cost                                    $79.95                     $150.00- $1,000          $15.00-$150.00    $49.00-$150.00


PSX92 Slingbow Slingshot Bowfish


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Addison, TX 75001

High Precision Automatic Laser Alignment System

slingshot PSX80

Unlike any other slingshot, the PSX92 automatically pivots the laser to point to where the slingshot will shoot.


In the photo, as the shooter moves the pouch to the left or right, the pivot system automatically pivots the laser to where the shot will actually hit!


Without the pivot system the laser sight would not shoot accurately.


How accurate is the laser pivot system?

The precisely pivots the laser to exactly where the slingshot will shoot. The PSX92 is accuracy enough to split a pencil 55 feet away.

Patent and

Patent Pending

Auto-Laser Alignment System

Splitting Pencils at 55 Feet Using Green Laser Sight